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Group of Companies
LLC "Vladivostok Automobile Terminal"

LLC "Vladivostok Automobile Terminal" is a specialized automobile terminal located at the territory of PJSC "Commercial Port of Vladivostok". It provides a full range of services for the transport processing and storage of any kind of cargos and vehicles.

CJSC "Portoflot"

CJSC "Portoflot" specializes in shifting and towing operations, vessels pilotage, inshore boat services in Commercial Port of Vladivostok water area.


  • "Dobrynya" 2028 kW
  • "Bogatyr" 1910 kW
  • "Persey" 1180 kW
  • "Moguchiy" 1180 kW


  • "Lotsman-1"



LLC "FEMSTA" renders stevedoring services for logistics, agency and trading companies. We process export, import and cabotage cargos, and provide their storage in warehouses and on open storage areas. LLC "FEMSTA" operates at the 44-th berth of Commercial Port of Vladivostok, conveniently located near the Maltsevskaya station in Vladivostok.

8 (423) 230-21-12 доб.33422
LLC "Portcontract"

LLC "Portcontract" specializes in managing the real estate objects (facilities) of PJSC "Commercial Port of Vladivostok" and providing related services.

  • Rental of real estate objects (offices, warehouses, platforms).
  • Placement of outdoor advertising at the port territory.
  • Sanitary and domestic services.

Maintenance and operation of real estate objects (facilities).

8 (423) 249-67-28
8-908-992-50-15 (WhatsApp)
LLC "PortTelecom"

LLC "PortTelecom" is a communication operator of Primorsky Region. The company services package allows to get a comprehensive service or select individual services to solve various tasks.

  • Internet access
  • Telephony
  • IP-telephony
  • SIP-telephony

Hosted PBX

8 (423) 230-23-00
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